Delicious Divas Live Event!

You usually don’t hear from us until the week before our monthly meet up, but we have something very special to announce and we wanted to share it with you asap!

First of all – did you know that true fulfillment is comprised of 2 things? Growth and Impact (or Contribution).

Growth is all about evolving our mindset so that you can get out of your own self-doubt, fears, and limiting beliefs that hold you back from being the even more powerful woman that you are.

When we women rise up as a collective, we create ripple effects of gorgeous, nurturing, loving and healing energy to this world that needs it so much.

It also helps women have more of a voice on a societal and political level. The world needs powerful women to rise up, to SPEAK THEIR TRUTH, to shine a light on challenges so that we too, can awaken the world and move humanity towards more love, peace and joy.

This why we are excited to share an incredibly powerful 2 day event where you are invited to STEP INTO YOUR POWER.

We wanted to share this amazing urban retreat/conference/TedTalk Event being put on by another fantastic Alberta-based women business group, Delicious Divas.

This event will be home to a sacred space where your voice will be heard, your fears will diminish, and you will be inspired on a whole new level to lead all aspects of your life more confidently. Use your VOICE to become more VISIBLE, make a BIGGER IMPACT and make $$ while doing what you LOVE!

So our wonderful WB friends, if you want to walk away with:

  • More certainty of your purpose
  • More confidence to take on your life’s challenges
  • A diminished voice in your head that stops you from believing in yourself
  • Growth for your business to create even more impact, influence and income
  • The ability to embrace and honour yourself inside and out in an unapologetic way
  • The chance to make new connections amongst like-minded women changemakers

Then be sure to check out all the details here.

Tickets are regularly $197 for both days and if you use the SPECIAL PROMO CODE WB2019you’ll get WB’s special promo rate! Whooot!

At the end of these 2 powerful days you will have transformed your limiting beliefs, your fears, your sabotaging behaviours, to really allow yourself to step up and play a BIGGER game. You will have a plan of action for your next moves in your business along with actionable tools to implement right now to generate more cash, catapult your confidence, acquire more leads and make an even larger impact. You will also learn the power of presenting on stage and how to use PR in your business right now to become the top influencer and expert you claim to be!

Sometimes it takes getting out of our daily routines, to get the shifts and see things in a different way…

Head over to to get your ticket today! We’ll see you there!

WB partners,
Kamea Zelisko
Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi
Kita Eserve