WB New Book, Skinny Business Start-Up Coming Soon!

We’ve been working away on our upcoming book, The Skinny Business Start-Up, and we’re happy to say we’re thisclose to publication time! So exciting!

This book has been years in the making, and we’re so happy to be putting it out! We really think it’s going to help so many business owners, men or women, get started on living out their dreams.

What do you dream of doing for the rest of your life? Laying on a beach? Travelling? It can be your business!

Here’s an excerpt of the book:

“Ask yourself this: If money was not a concern and someone was willing to provide you a ridiculous salary with no strings attached where you were free to do whatever your heart desired, what would you do with your time? 

Once you finish traveling the world, checking off items on your bucket list and maybe shopping like a rock star, you might just get a little bored and eventually look for greater meaning and purpose. That is what we want you to focus on. What would you do with your time at that point? Would you still spend it on a beach sun tanning, would you do something like volunteering to help others? Would you invent something, open a restaurant for fun? Would you cook? Read? Dance? What images come to mind when you stop and ponder the above?

here’s an example to get your mind kick-started instead: We went to high school with a man who got married and went the traditional route. He bought a house, car, dog etc. Then one day he and his wife decide to sell everything and start traveling the world. They obviously depleted their savings fairly quickly as they were not millionaires. We are sure that a lot of their friends and family thought they were crazy, but necessity breeds creative thought, and it was necessary in their minds to keep traveling. So they thought to themselves, “How can we travel and still make a living to support this kind of lifestyle? So they started house sitting all over the world. This allowed them to not only travel and stay in beautiful places for free but they were also able to make a living doing what they love! They have been doing this for so long now that they started a blog online which turned into a travel advisory and consulting company, where others pay them to provide travel advice based on their experiences.

Doesn’t this sound appealing?”

Stay tuned for the rest of the book, which will give you the actual methodology to make your vision come true!

Have a great week and all the best in your business endeavours!

– Kamea & Marija